The 14 Best Theo Parrish Tracks

“Music moves in such a way you can’t really talk about an artist using one set of adjectives, because that would mean you’ve listened to all of their works; that would mean you’d come to a consensus about what that artist’s work does.” — Theo Parrish

He’s right.

We’ve listened to a lot of Theo Parrish records. If we had to describe his sound it would be that “it sounds like Theo Parrish”. Maybe it’s something in the equipment he uses, the records he’s sampling or something otherworldly. You often hear people refer to his sound as “raw”, but as this interview covers, he also does “nice”.

The Motor City producer has released on some of the best underground labels in the world such as Third Ear and Peacefrog Records, and worked with producers both big and small including Carl Craig, Amp Fiddler and Duminie Deporres, as well as his fellow 3 Chairs members: Rick Wilhite, Moodymann and Marcellus Pittman. To add to this he’s produced several killer albums including ‘Parallel Dimensions’ and ‘American Intelligence’. There is a lot to dig through.

One things for sure, he has produced some magical records over the last 20 years and here’s what we consider to be some of his more dancefloor-friendly highlights.



The Rink (Sound Signature)



Billy Love— Can’t Keep Running Away (produced by Theo Parrish) (Sound Signature)



When The Morning Comes (Filth Records)



Blueskies Surprise (Trilogy Tapes x Palace)



Dan Ryan (Sound Signature)



LoSoul — Behind Closed Doors (Theo Parrish remix) (Elevate)



Soul Control (Sound Signature)



Sky Walking (Peacefrog Records)



LCD Soundsystem — 45:33 (Theo Parrish’s Space Cadet remix)



Theo Parrish — Synthetic Flemm (Sound Signature)



What U Cry 4 (Sound Signature)



Ebonics (Sound Signature)



Theo Parrish & Marcellus Pittman — Night Of The Sagittarius (Sound Signature)



Solitary Flight (Sound Signature)



Did we miss any? Comment below and let us know your favorites.


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