Introducing the new Sound Shelter app

Over the last few months, we’ve been working through all that 2020 has thrown at us. Through all the worry, fear, hope and transformation, music has continued to be a positive constant. The industry that surrounds music has unfortunately turned out to be far more negative than we ever expected, but the most important thing – the sound that comes into your ears, and the feelings it generates – continues to thrive and will exist far beyond everything attached to it.

It’s been a difficult time, and independent artists, labels, and record stores have felt this especially.

The goal of Sound Shelter has always been three things:

– help music fans to find more music, and better ways to buy it.
– generate new exposure (and record sales) for independent artists and labels,
– help independent records thrive by driving new customers to them, and to keep the underground music culture alive.

To keep the journey going, we’ve been busy building a brand new Sound Shelter app. It’s kind of like Tinder for finding new music.

On the app, you can swipe through hundreds of thousands of new and old records, listen to audio clips of each one, and then when you find the one you like, we’ll match you with a record shop that has the record in stock.

We have 30+ of the world’s best record stores listed, and adding new ones all the time – we only list stores that ship fast and use great packaging. We’re also adding download stores, including Bandcamp.

You can also follow your favourite artists and labels and get an instant notification as soon as they release a new record – perfect for avoiding the Discogs sharks.

We hope this app can help you find some new records for your collection, and also help keep the doors open at stores.

The app is iOS only at the moment, and we would love to hear your feedback/ideas on how we can make it even better. Any reviews on the app store would be greatly appreciated too.

You can download below

Special shout outs to Filippo Mursia and Miranda Jean for their expert guidance along the way.

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