Sound Shelter lets you shop the worlds best record stores from one place.

Based in Sydney, Australia, but with contributors all over the globe, Sound Shelter was set up to help record diggers find the records they really want in our collection.

As diggers ourselves, there’s been SO MANY TIMES that we’ve been too slow to notice that our favourite artists and labels have released a killer new record. We’ve then spent hours going through search results to try and find the one store that has the record we want. While it’s always a great moment when you find that record, wouldn’t it be better if that time could be spent doing the things we love?

If the answer is yes, then read on…
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How does it work

Our machine learning technology explores the web in real-time to instantly find record stores selling the records you’d love to have in your collection. We only list record stores we’ve tried and tested ourselves – stores that provide great packaging and fast shipping.

For the more proactive fans, we can send you an instant SMS alert as soon as your favourite artist or label releases a new record. You’ll literally never have to buy from a reseller shark again.

Who’s using it?

We are pretty new but already have several thousand users from all over the globe and connections to some of best record stores around the world including market leaders in the UK, US and Europe – and our store list is constantly growing.

Our community includes some of the worlds best DJs and tastemakers and we’ve had chart contributions from DJ/Producer heavyweights in electronic music like Kai Alce, Patrice Scott, Levon Vincent, Lakuti and others.

What kind of music do you feature?

We specialise in underground electronic and soul jazz music but support all genres in our ever-growing inventory of over 115,000 vinyl releases.

What happens if I sign up to be a member?

Create a free account to get killer personalised music recommendations, create DJ charts, and follow your favourite artists and labels.

I’m a record store – how can I list my records on Sound Shelter?

Get in touch at [email protected] to learn more.

Can I check you out on the web anywhere else?

Find Sound Shelter at FacebookInstagramSpotify