Our favourite vinyl releases and reissues of April 2021

Electro boogie from Brazil, Broken Beats from London, Electro from Detroit, Techno from Amsterdam and more.

Here are some of our top picks from a fine month in electronic and soul jazz music.


Zopelar – Universo (Apron)

Electro, boogie, and deep house combine on the album from Sao Paolo’s Zopelar on the ever-more-essential Apron label from Funkineven. Also, check out Quaid – Dreem Static that came out on Apron this month.


K1 / Dopplereffekt – Star Gazing EP (Puzzlebox)

Electro kings Keith Tucker (Aux88) and Dopplereffekt on one record? This couldn’t fail.


Kaidi Tatham – An Insight To All Minds (First Word)

Another stellar album from the man known as the UK’s Herbie Hancock – Kaidi Tatham. An artist on an incredible run of form, mixing keys, funk, and broken beats together to produce a truly unique sound.


Dego – The Negative Positive (2000 Black)

Kaidi Tatham’s key collaborator follows up 2019’s “Too Much” with a new album mixing up techno, jazz, soul, and boogie. Features a track with Samii who you may recognise from her recent Figuring It Out release on 2000 Black.


Moodymann – Taken Away (KDJ)

KDJ’s recent critically acclaimed album finally gets the vinyl treatment and comes backed with a third 12″ featuring unreleased tracks from the “Demos, Cassettes, ADATs & Floppies Pt​.​1” release. Don’t sleep.


John Beltran / Nostalgic – Going Home EP (Back To Life)

An essential 12″ of dreamy Detroit techno finally gets the reissue from Back To Life.


The Abstract Eye – Epileptix EP (Neroli)

Neroli continues a close-to-flawless recent run of releases with 4 tracks of floating, retro-electro from The Abstract Eye. Pretty different from the labels recent housier releases but the quality remains high. Check out our interview with Neroli label boss Volcov here.


Jordan Gcz – Introspective Acid (Rush Hour)

Weirdo techno from one of the most underappreciated producers in the genre. There’s been a lot of talk recently about techno running out of ideas – Jordan GCZ keeps proving otherwise. If you want more of this then check out Jordan’s Patreon account where he “is creating music and teaching improv tools to unblock & unf*ck your music “.


Mirror Touch – Balancing EP (Metamorphic)

Dan Curtin’s Metamorphic label introduces another talent in the shape of London-based producer Mirror Touch – a modern update on vintage Detroit techno with a remix from Curtin himself.


Francois K – FK EP (Wave Music)

One of the all-time classic house tracks, Francois K’s Hypnodelic gets a reissue alongside 3 other key tracks from the US house legend’s unmatched production catalogue.


Love Drop – We Got To Get Our Shit Together (GAMM)

The second release on GAMM from Love Drop delivers two seriously heavy disco cuts aimed straight for the small basement clubs. “We Got Our Shit Together” is a disco jam that just builds and builds with big horns and orchestral strings. The b-side “Let it go” is a warmer vocal affair that drips of soul, funk…and of course mo’.


Alfa Mist – Bring Backs (Epitah)

Bring Backs reveals Alfa Mist’s journey as a producer, self-taught pianist and rapper as he takes us on a sonic trip back to his beat-making past on the streets of East London. Bring Backs shows why Alfa Mist remains a driving force behind a young and vibrant scene of UK jazz musicians.


Quit Quittin – 7 highlights of Move D’s epic discography

“I am old enough to even remember a time before techno and electronic music – the word DJ didn’t mean that much…” —  David Moufang aka Move D

A man of many disguises and a serial collaborator, David Moufang aka Move D continues to amaze his audience today by releasing consistently brilliant EP’s and LP’s, year in, year out. A true veteran of the craft, Moufang has been commercially producing music for 25 years and has appeared on labels as varied as Running Back, Warp, Workshop, Uzuri and Underground Quality.

Moufang is undoubtedly among the artists that people passionate about electronic music should learn about and observing how he develops with time is especially interesting, considering how youthful and curious his sound became over time. Although not essential, it is best to take the time to listen to Moufang’s work in chronological progression as making this investment will help the listener appreciate how Moufang has unfurled over his 25-year career.

His sound isn’t by any means settled in a distinct style and his discography is a testament to his artistic versatility. The beginning of his discography sounds like a sci-fi soundtrack, whereas twenty years later, he produces drum-heavy funk-oriented material that rips dance floors apart. Even today, Moufang’s sound continues to be youthful and inquisitive.



Move D – Kunststoff

Kunststoff was big when it was released, and there’s no secret why — it’s a masterful blend of very rhythmic, almost IDM-ish Techno and an airy and atmospheric character. There were three represses of the LP in 1995 alone and most recently on AVA.

Move D speaks a lot about how much robotics, technology, and space have influenced him as an artist. These motives can be traced in his earlier work, and Kunststoff is an excellent example of that.

The most memorable feature of this LP is its mood. After giving the album a first listen, you’ll notice how eery and introspective it is. There are many gems on Move D’s debut album that will awaken even a modern crowd, but this minor-scale and self-questioning mood of the record makes it an armchair Techno classic.

Not only does Kunststoff pass the test of time, but it also stays relevant in the current House/Techno ecosystem. Furthermore, for the producers out there, this is one of the valuable examples of a piece of art from the times when plugins didn’t even exist.


Studio Pankow – Linienbusse

Linienbusse is a collective effort made by Jamie Hodge, Kai Kroker, and David Moufang. And although this isn’t a solo Move D project, it’s safe to say that this album is among Moufang’s most significant investments towards mastering the craft of electronic music.

The LP is an Electronica/Techno organic masterpiece packed with soul – it progresses, it moves, it breathes. There is a ghost in the machine.

The tracklist reads more like a bus itinerary that moves through a list of locations in Berlin. Musically speaking, Linienbusse does sound like a trip. The name of the album roughly translates from German as “Regular Busses” which suggests that the tracks are dedicated to the artists’ beloved sites in Berlin; after all, we’re influenced by what we see every day.

This breathtaking LP attempts to take its listener to the places where electronic music originated, by showing them its more emotive and meditative side.


Magic Mountain High – Workshop xx

Another impressive collaborative project that sees Move D join forces with Juju and Jordash. First seeing life on wax on Workshop in 2012, Magic Mountain High is an improvisational act that was born at the Freerotation Festival and has since been performing all over the world.

The untitled A-side is pretty much a ten-minute analogue excursion, with a profound and bold bass line, abundant percussion, and sound FX that takes you back to the time of “Kunststoff.” The B-side is much more playful. It has the same dense and rubbery drum section, but with joyful and even naïve melodies.

Also, check out the follow-up – Live At Freerotation

Deep Space Network was a collaboration between Moufang and fellow Heidelberg native, Jonas Grossmann which ran across 4 albums between 1994 and 2005. One of the highlights of the partnership is 1993’s Big Rooms.

Originally released on Moufang’s Source Records, it was given 2020 reboot and a long-awaited vinyl release on US label, re:discovery, Big Rooms is an 8 track ambient techno and breakbeat epic that lives up to the Deep Space Network name, as broken drum patterns and worm-hole traversing acid lines intertwine with glacial synths across a wide temp-range. Cinematic electronic music at its finest.


Reagenz – Playtime

Another collaboration, this time with Scottish producer and fellow serial-collaborator, Johah Sharp which is some of Moufang’s more club-focused output. The partnership has seen 4 albums with the highlight being 2008’s Playtime on Berlin’s Workshop label. Playtime combines live instrumentation (Dinner with Q), life-affirming anthems (Keep Building with Fred P), off-kilter rhythms (Confidence), and beatless excursions (Freerotation, Shibuya Day) into an incredibly diverse yet singular listening experience.

Also, check out 2014’s techno-focused live album Reagenz – The Periodic Table on New Yorks The Bunker label


Conjoint – Berger Hodge Moufang Ruit

The fusion of genres happens typically in very subtle ways. It looks for common denominators. “Berger Hodge Moufang Ruit” doesn’t do that. It pairs very straightforward analogue drums programmed by Moufang and Hodge, while Ruit Kraus plays the guitar, and Karl Berger gloriously plays the vibraphone.

This album wasn’t intended to be a smooth combination of electronic and live instruments, but rather as a clash of the two worlds. With two people programming drums and bass, you can imagine that the LP is strongly percussive and full of life. Rhythmically, this project has a very tribal character and often has a slowed-down and housey drum section.

The Wire magazine said that this album is easily comparable to Miles Davis’ ‘In A Silent Way.’ This serves as a testament to the importance of this LP both in Moufang’s roster and electronic music in general.

Also, check out Conjoint – Earprints


Move D – Workshop 13

Move D’s EP on Workshop is among the most exciting projects of his later career. Moufang has developed an affinity for heavily sampled and more classic House tropes, and Workshop 13 is an excellent showcase of his interest in this strain of electronic music.

Considering Moufang’s interest in improvisation and his long-term collaboration with Juju and Jordash in Magic Mountain High, Workshop 13 appears to be a live recording that has been trimmed and polished, rather than a carefully thought out project.

Either way, it’s rich and slightly agitated, but deep and meditative at the same time. Workshop 13 follows an aesthetic not too dissimilar to Theo Parrish. It’s not necessarily easy-going, it can’t be listened to mindlessly, and the sound is quirky and immediately recognizable – we think this a pretty good summary of Move D’s sound over the last 25 years.

Deep Space Network – Big Rooms


The 30 Best Theo Parrish Tracks

“Music moves in such a way you can’t really talk about an artist using one set of adjectives because that would mean you’ve listened to all of their works; that would mean you’d come to a consensus about what that artist’s work does.” — Theo Parrish

He’s right.

We’ve listened to a lot of Theo Parrish records. If we had to describe his sound it would be that “it sounds like Theo Parrish”. Maybe it’s something in the equipment he uses, the records he’s sampling or something otherworldly. You often hear people refer to his sound as “raw”, but as this interview covers, he also does “nice”.

The Motor City producer has released on some of the best underground labels in the world such as Third Ear and Peacefrog Records and worked with producers both big and small including Carl Craig, Amp Fiddler and Duminie Deporres, as well as his fellow 3 Chairs members: Rick Wilhite, Moodymann and Marcellus Pittman. To add to this he’s produced several killer albums including “First Floor”, “Sound Sculptures Vol 1”, “Parallel Dimensions”, “American Intelligence”, and 2020’s “Wuddaji”. There is a lot to dig through.

One things for sure, he has produced some magical records over the last 25 years and here’s what we consider to be some of his best.

We’ve listed a lot of links where you can buy the vinyl for these releases but digital fans can head over to the Sound Signature website where you can find a lot of these to buy as WAV files.


Theo Parrish – The Rink (Buy)


Billy Love— Can’t Keep Running Away (produced by Theo Parrish) (Buy)


Theo Parrish – When The Morning Comes


Theo Parrish – Blueskies Surprise


Theo Parrish – Summertime Is Here (Buy)


Theo Parrish – Dan Ryan (Buy)


LoSoul — Behind Closed Doors (Theo Parrish Remix)


Theo Parrish – Soul Control (Buy)


Theo Parrish – Sky Walking (Buy)


LCD Soundsystem — 45:33 (Theo Parrish’s Space Cadet Remix)


Theo Parrish – Lost Angel


Theo Parrish — Synthetic Flemm (Buy)


Theo Parrish – Hennyweed Buckdance (Buy)


Theo Parrish — Early Byrd (Buy)


Theo Parrish, Lori, Silentjay, Perrin Moss, Simon Mavin, Paul Bender ‎– What You Wanna Ask For (Buy)


Green Pickles Featuring Billy Lo & Marcellus Pittman – Feedback (Produced by Theo Parrish)


Theo Parrish — Overyohead (Buy)


Theo Parrish – What U Cry 4


Theo Parrish – Ebonics


Theo Parrish & Marcellus Pittman — Night Of The Sagittarius


Theo Parrish – Electric Alleycat (Buy)


Theo Parrish – Solitary Flight (Buy)


Jill Scott – Slowly Surely (Theo Parrish remix)


Theo Parrish – Lake Shore Drive (Buy)


Theo Parrish ft. Maurissa Rose – This Is For You (Buy)


Theo Parrish – Kites On Pluto


Theo Parrish – Heal Yourself & Move (Buy)


Theo Parrish – Brain (Buy)


Kuniyuki – All These Things (Theo Parrish Remix Vocal Version)


Theo Parrish – Lost Keys


The 20 Best Moodymann Tracks

“I don’t make music for the masses to dance to, I make music for the small majority that listens.” — Moodymann aka Kenny Dixon Jr.

Year after year, we encounter the same thing: the dusty, basement Jazz chords, the 70s and 80s golden-era Soul vocal samples and the bumping 909s. And year after year, no one quite manages to emulate that Moodymann style.

Kenny Dixon Jr. has been killing it since 1994 and along with fellow Motor City cohort, Theo Parrish epitomises the second wave of Detroit electronic music. From his debut album Silentintroduction, released under the masterful eye of fellow Detroit Techno pioneer Carl Craig for his Planet E label, through to the 2020 album, “Taken Away“, there are few artists in electronic music who can match Dixon’s output – this music has an identity that only true artists can achieve.

We felt it was time to celebrate over 25 year’s of greatness with a run through the tracks that we think are KDJ’s finest moments – here are the best Moodymann tracks.

I Like To Know

Featured on both the “Music Is…” and the “Inspirations…” releases, this is 9 minutes of classic Detroit house.

Kenny Dixon Jr. — Outerdrive

One of the stand-out tracks from the 3 Chairs project of Theo Parrish, Marcellus Pittman, Rick Wilhite and KDJ.

Joy Pt 2

An ultimate closing tracks for any house club.


Minimal techno KDJ style with some clever spoken-word Prince samples and a brilliant switch-up halfway through.

I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits

KDJ turns one of Chics most euphoric tracks into a relentless heads-down groove.


A jazz-funk rollercoaster with a helping hand from fellow 3 Chairs member and Detroit producers, Rick Wilhite who also released a killer edit of the track on his 2018 release, The Godson IV.

Dem Young Sconies

Kenny takes an obscure synth record and loops it into a machine-driven, acid house monster.

Tribute (To The Soul We Lost)

Pensive chords, a hypnotic bassline and an abundance of Marvin Gaye samples. A dancefloor tribute to the Prince of Soul.

Track Four

Clattering percussion and some glorious edits show the jacking side of Dixon’s output.


The often-overlooked b-side to Dem Young Sconies; paranoid chords loop over JB’s style funk samples.

U Can Dance If U Want To

Prince-sampling house banger, probably KDJ’s most upfront track.


KDJ loops up Idris Muhammed’s ’Turn That Mutha Out’ and layers over some explosive Gil-Scot Heron poetry.

Shades Of Jae

The quintessential KDJ track — featuring the use of Bob James “Spunky”, and another masterful use of a Marvin Gaye sample.

The Thief That Stole My Sad Days (Ya Blessin Me)

Sounds like a multi-musician live jam but we get the impression that instead, this is a collection of some of the best samples he’s ever used.

When She Follows

Deep 18 minute jazz cut on the often-overlooked Black Mahogani II EP.


The opening track from one of his key albums, Silentintroduction sets the tone for the magic ahead.

Winter Breeze

Bumping, loopy deep house from the classic Soul City label.

Norma Jean Bell – I’m The Baddest Bitch (Moodymann remix)

Long-time KDJ collaborator and key vocalist and saxophonist, Norma Jean Bell gets the remix treatment.

Black Mahogani

The closing track on the 2004 album of the same name – 8 and a half minutes of masterful sampling.

The Third Track

The flip side to the classic Misled on the 1996 “Don’t Be Misled” – a looping disco workout that will fill most floors.


Byron The Aquarius drops new album Ambrosia on Jeff Mills’ Axis Recordings

The US-based producer Byron The Aquarius drops “Ambrosia” on Jeff Mill’s Axis Recordings in October.

Described by Mills as “…a fantastic mix between Soulful House and Jazz Music with a touch of Blues”, the forthcoming album features collaborations with live musicians including drummer “Lil John” Roberts, trumpeter Dashil Smith, and flute from Rasheeda Ali.

When discussing his choice of Byron – real name Byron Blaylock – for the album, Mills said: “I was convinced that he had all the qualities that might be needed to create a groundbreaking album and after a few discussions we agreed on a game plan that would stretch over about 18 months.”

The album was recorded in a two-day session, and then due to travel restrictions, mixed down across 3 different US regions – Chicago, Miami, and Byron’s home in Alabama – using state of the art web technologies.

Blaylock is a serial collaborator as well as an esteemed artist of his own, having featured on world-class labels such as Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature, Eglo, and BBE. He’s also contributed to releases from Atlanta-based House DJ/Producer Kai Alce and played keys on Flying Lotus’s seminal “Roberta Flack” from the LA-based producers “Los Angeles” album.


A1. New Beginning (Original Mix). Keyboards/Synth and all other programming: Byron The Aquarius, Flute: Rasheeda Ali

A2. Space & Time (Original Mix). Keyboards/Synth: Byron The Aquarius, Drums: Lil John Roberts, Trumpet: Dashill Smith, Bass Guitar: Chocolat Costa, Rhythm Guitar: Sheldon Ferguson

B.    Edgewood Ave. Keyboards/Synth: Byron The Aquarius, Drums: John Roberts, Trumpet: Dashill Smith, Bass Guitar: Chocolat Costa

C1. Spirit Of Juju (Original Mix). Keyboards/Synth: Byron The Aquarius, Flute: Rasheeda Ali, Drums: Lil John Roberts, Guitar: Sheldon Ferguson

C2. Space & Time (Jam Session). Keyboards/Synth: Byron The Aquarius, Drums: Lil John Robert, Bass Guitar: Chocolat Costa, Guitar:  Sheldon Ferguson

D1. Timeless (Vocal Mix). Keyboards/Synth and all other programming: Byron The Aquarius, Vocals: Byron The Aquarius, Trumpet: Dashill Smith, Flute: Rasheeda Ali

D2. Timeless (Alternative Dub Mix). Keyboards/Synth and all other programming: Byron The Aquarius, Vocals: Byron The Aquarius, Trumpet: Dashill Smith, Flute: Rasheeda

Byron The Aquarius – “Ambrosia” will be out via Axis Records as double-vinyl and digital on October 16th, 2020


Theo Parrish’s new album Wuddaji is here

The Detroit house icon returns with Wuddaji – the follow up to 2014’s American Intelligence

Anyone who picked up the vinyl release of Theo Parrish & Maurissa Rose – “This Is For You” will have noticed an exciting message on the outer sleeve – Taken From The Forthcoming Album Wudajji. And the wait is finally over.

Following the challenging “American Intelligence” album which split opinions, samples of Theo’s new album have surfaced on Soundcloud and it sounds magnificent.

His recent output on his Sound Signature label which includes the three-part “Gentrified Love” series, saw him call in appearances from artists such as Australian soul outfit, Hiatus Kyote,  vocalist Jovia Armstrong, and Detroit producer Waajeed, as well as previous collaborators Amp Fiddler, Duminie DePorres, and Craig Huckaby. No word on collaborators yet but we expected Parrish to have leant on a stellar array of musicians for the new LP.

After finishing the second decade of the twenty-first century with the immaculate “This Is For You”, it seems like Theo is going to start the third decade in a similar fashion.

Release date is 18th September 2020.


1. Theo Parrish – Hambone Capuccino
2. Theo Parrish – Radar Detector
3. Theo Parrish – This Is For You with Maurissa Rose
4. Theo Parrish – Wuddaji
5. Theo Parrish – Hennyweed Buckdance
6. Theo Parrish – Angry Purple Birds
7. Theo Parrish – Who Knew Kung Fu
8. Theo Parrish – All Your Boys Are Biters
9. Theo Parrish – Knew Better Do Better

Sound Signature · Theo Parrish – Wuddaji

Explore the complete Theo Parrish discography on Sound Shelter




Moodymann’s announces new album Taken Away

The Detroit house icon returns with Taken Away – the follow up to 2018’s Sinner

Following last years killer “Sinner” EP which featured standout tracks I’ll Provide, I Think Of Saturday, and Downtown, “Taken Away” promises to be a great addition to KDJ’s enviable back catalogue.

The album is out now and you can listen and buy on Bandcamp right now.

Explore the complete Moodymann discography on Sound Shelter




Stream 28+ hours of music by Ron Trent

We’ve compiled the whole Spotify back catalogue of the legendary US house producer.


There aren’t many producers who’ve influenced house music as much as Ron Trent. From his early work like “Altered States”, his collaborations with fellow hall of famer, Chez Damier, through to his skilful A&R and artistic contributions to the seminal Prescription label, Trent has continued to push a level of quality that has kept his candle burning bright.

Trent’s first release came out nearly 30 years ago, The Afterlife on Warehouse Recordings, and he’s continued to be a prolific artist and remixer with hundreds of tracks. So to give you an overview of his masterful discography, we’ve built a 28+ hours Spotify playlist featuring both original work and remixes.

Get the playlist here



Andrés drops new album ‘IV’ on Moodymann’s Mahogani Music

The Detroit producer will release his first album in 8 years on 25th November.

Following his recent ‘All U Gotta Do Is Listen‘ on Hizou Deep Rooted Music, Andrés – real name Humberto Hernandez – is set to  release a new 16 track album.

The fourth instalment in his album series continue his exploration of soul, funk, and latin influences and features a mixture of brand new tracks and recent hits including the Earth, Wind & Fire sampling ‘Might Tribe’ as well as a new version of 2012’s killer hit ‘New For U’.

As well as recording under the Andrés alias, Hernandez also DJ’d in J Dilla’s Slum Village as well as appearances in Detroit supergroup The Rotating Assembly which features Motor City artists including Theo Parrish, Marcellus Pittman, and Rick Wilhite.

Buy Andres – Andres IV on Sound Shelter


01. Back In The Old Times
02. Mighty Tribe
03. I’ll Wait 4 U
04. What’s Ur Name Again
05. Truth Serum
06. New For U
07. Illuminate
08. Free
09. Waist Deep
10. Learn 2 Love (Yoruba Love Dub)
11. Run Dat Shit
12. Pleasure
13. King
14. New For U (Live)
15. What’s It Gonna Be
16. Jungle Pain



Clark returns to Throttle Records with new EP, Branding Problem

The Warp legend takes it back to the source with 2 riff-heavy dancefloor movers.

UK producer Clark – real name Chris Clark – will return to his Throttle Records in November with two tracks showcasing his strong influences and world class production ability.

The title track takes nods from Detroit, Chicago, Belgium and the M25 rave circuit while “Legacy Pet” focuses more on hardcore, jungle and rave.

Clark said “I’ve been quite amused at how easy it is to stream background music these days. How accessible it all is and how entitled we all feel to it, like it’s some sort of air freshener you spray in your Uber.

For some reason I’m imagining a future where Elon Musk does a streaming deal, so he can prance around controlling nano implant VR chips for 1 million amortal coastal elites, while the rest of us don’t have electricity and only manage one rave a year – to a sound system powered by rationed candles. This is music for that fantasy scenario, ha. “

Clark – Branding Problem will be released on Throttle Records on 22nd November 2019