Abeng / Rootikal Horns / Eeyun Purkins

Downtown Blues

Dig This Way

Eva Keyes / Indica Dubs / Conscious Sounds / Chazbo

A Place Called Home

Indica Dubs

Patrick Roots / King Culture / Rod Taylor / Prince Allan / Everett Cooper

Tweeter Box Presents King Culture

Purple Audio

The Illuminated / Blind Prophet


Dub Communication

The Rio Grandes / The Duke Reid Group

Fooling Around


Winston and Slim / Lynn Tait

Til My Dying Day


Frank Cosmo / Owen and Leon Silvera

Im All Alone

Treasure Isle

Stranger Cole / Duke Reid and His Group

Thinking Of The Future

Treasure Isle

Black Uhuru / Sly and Robbie / The Taxi Gang

Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner


Payoh Soulrebel / Paupa Man

Selfish World

One By One

Payoh Soulrebel / Yeyo Perez

When I Found U

One By One

Owen and Leon Silvera / Duke Reid and His Group

Love Me Or Leave Me


The Spanishtonians / The Duke Reid Group

You Wish Me Bad


Stranger Cole / Owen and Leon Silvera

Always Remember Me

Treasure Isle

The Silvertones / Derrick Morgan

True Confession

Treasure Isle

William Stepper / Little R / Simon Nyabinghi

No Place On The Boat

All Nations

Basil Caral and Group / Lynn Taitt and The Boys

The Army Is Searching

Treasure Isle

Errol Holt / Errol Holt All Star

Congo Dread

Distant Drum

Cornell Campbell / Threee Dot

Never Gonna Give Up


The Gaylads / The Conscious Minds

Funny Feeling

Soul Beat

Lee Perry / The Upsetters / Jah Lloyd

Dubwise Anthology Vol 1

Studio 16

Lee Perry / The Upsetters / Vin Gordon

Musical Bones

Studio 16