SSMX03: Ethyène (Moonrise Hill Material)

Ethyène is busy recently. The producer and DJ from France is getting noticed by a greater audience and is having more and more projects, meetings, and sets to play. Starting production at the age of 16, he got into the House and Hip Hop scene and was playing for Artjacking France as resident. His love for sounds from Chicago, Detroit and Manchester and the craftsmanship of sampling gives the music its personal note.

He is part of the newly founded Moonrise Hill Material – Gang that provides Disco and Hip Hop influenced grooves in the French underground House scene, and is having a lot of other releases upcoming and out recently.

We think he is going to be big, so we are happy he got some time sharing his story with us and he’s provided a killer mix.

Sound Shelter introduces : Ethyène!

So first of all, what is going on recently?

I just had three releases, a track on Roots for Bloom, an EP on Kyoku Records and an EP on my own record label Moonrise Hill Material. I also have been working on the side of the three first Moonrise Hill releases so I guess this is why I’m getting a bit more attention today. To be honest, nothing makes me happier than seeing more and more people following our work.

How about Moonrise Hill Material! How did you guys meet?

We were all producing and spinning House Music in Lyon our hometown in France so we met during our different parties and immediately became friends with each other. Then, the idea of releasing our music on our own label came up naturally and this is how everything started.

And the music you are playing and making?

I have a part of my family who lives in Philadelphia, so I’ve been there quite often and have always been fascinated by the unbelievable ability the artists from Philly had to talk to my soul, from John Coltrane to Boyz II Men. More generally, this is from this city that I got my love for black music.

Moreover, since I’m 13 or 14 I’ve been listening to a lot of Hip-Hop from the late 90’s and early 2000’s… that got me into this sampling stuff. Then, when I started partying around the age of 16 I discovered house records from Theo Parrish, Moodymann, Kenny Dope … I immediately knew this was what I wanted to spin and produce.
Basically everything I play, produce and love is related to sampling !

Do you have some projects going on of your own recently? And was Kyoku Records your idea?

Yes I have some new projects that will come later this year but the only one I can really talk about is a new EP on Moonrise Hill Material  that should see the day in January 2017. I’ll also have a mini LP on an american record label I love and an other one in May on a brand new label from the US too.

I’m also starting to release my lower tempo and hip hop stuff on FHUO, a new record label on the side of Moonrise by my brother from an other mother Folamour. I will release this music under the name Lo Life.

Concerning Kyoku, these nice guys asked me to do an EP for them after they discovered my track Manhattune on the first Moonrise Hill release so this was absolutely not my idea but at the end of the day I’m really happy to have been part of this project.

Tell us a bit about your Sound Shelter mix

My sound shelter mix is putting together tracks I like to play at the moment and unreleased tracks from myself… I also like to end mixes with classic tunes… On this one I chose the remix of the French house standard Music Sounds Better With you by Bob Sinclar, this one track has always blown me up.

When you´d have the opportunity to choose someone to play with B2B, who would that be?

If I had an opportunity to choose someone to play back 2 back, I guess I’d pick Theo Parrish up. I’ve seen him twice, that was two of the best nights of my life!

Thanks a bunch Ethyène!!!

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Prequel – Freedom Jazz Dance (Rhythm Section International)

“Blackness is not a color” is what Prequel is telling us in the first seconds of “Saints”, the first track of his second EP on Rhythm Section International. And he describes what that means with delivering a wonderful jazzy House EP.

Rhythm Section International is Bradley Zero´s record label that he was building up with friends to give young talents and friends a chance to put their music out. Deep and jazzy grooves are characteristics of the label and are forming the signature sound.

In Freedom Jazz Dance, you can lose yourself in the deepest way imaginable. Here, soulful voices and sizzling electric buzz sounds; fat organic bass and deep pads are playing in harmony and are giving the record its finesse.

The album is a well composed journey through the roots of Jazz and House and takes a step further by reminding us where the soul of this music really lies, in the typical Rhythm Section style, that is moving the community for almost 2 years now.

This release is less Hip Hop influenced than his debut EP Polite Strangers; though, the overall sound Prequel is striving towards is recognizable and shows a noticeable love for Jazz in particular. These slightly delayed/reverbed and filtered jazzy sounds are combined with a well-balanced kick and minimalistic drum sounds that are playing along.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”250″ iframe=”true” /]

Not only is it a banger in the club, it´s a wonderful masterpiece on it´s own and I recommend it to everybody, not only the House- heads and underground lovers but everybody who is interested in a record that is uplifting , smooth, well-organized.

This release is going to be on my wantlist for sure! It creates such a great, positive vibe throughout and is put together so thoughtful that there is not much else to say.  It´s just deep, soulful and jazzy House, no filler, all killer. Buy it!


A1) Saints
A2) Nothing Better
B1) You Shall Know The Truth
B2) Walken

If you are interested in more facts and stuff about how Rhythm Section International was founded, check out the video from Stamp The Wax on YouTube.

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