Telephones / Ciel / Al Wootton / Eliphino
Needs 007

06 April 2020


Featuring Artists



Al Wootton



Telephones - Groundshaker/lightbreaker ( Pulse Mix )

Ciel - Faye Wong Plays The Strings

Al Wootton - Raphael

Eliphino - It's Hard To Say

Needs (not-for-profit) released Needs 007 on 06 April 2020. The 4 track vinyl features artists including Telephones, Ciel, Al Wootton, Eliphino.

Telephones, Ciel, Al Wootton, Eliphino has released vinyl on Hoya:Hoya, Hypercolour, Klasse Wrecks, The Love Below, Gravity Graffiti, ZamZam Sounds, Spectral Sound, Joy In Repetition, Schmer import, Coastal Haze, Meda Fury, Peach Discs, Running Back, Full Pupp, Secretsundaze Music, Sex Tags UFO, Acido, Parallel Minds, European Carryall, London Housing Trust.

The record label Needs (not-for-profit) has released vinyl by Lucky Charmz, Telephones, Bobby Pleasure, Nick Gynn, D Tiffany, Red Axes, DJ Normal 4, Petwo Evans, Hodge, Ciel, Johannes Albert, Henry Hyde, Hubie Davison, Eliphino, Lord Of The Isles, Peggy Gou, Al Wootton, Jonny Rock, Tilman, Edward.

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