Various Artists
25 Compost Records

15 May 2019


Featuring Artists

Various Artists

Zenker Brothers

Ron Trent

Boo Williams

Glenn Underground

Kai Alce

Delano Smith

Mark E


Beanfield - Human Patterns ( Roman Flugel Remix )

Ron Deacon - Bring It On

A Forest Mighty Black - Fresh In My Mind ( I:cube Remix )

Marsmobil - It Doesn't Matter How You Are ( Ripperton Remix Instrumental )

Siren - A/way ( Phil Mison Remix )

Tomasz Guiddo - Ewan Pearson Extended Disco Remix ) - Hide ( Feat Kasar

Lorenz Rhode - Back ( Gerd Janson Remix )

Tomasz Guiddo - Instrumental ) - Hide ( Ewan Pearson Extended Disco Remix

Fauna Flash - Tel Aviv ( Recondite Remix )

Marbert Rocel - Dance Slow ( Joakim Blood Moon Remix )

Shahrokh Dini - Owl Flight ( Delano Smith Remix )

Truby Trio - Galicia ( Zenker Brothers Esotheric Remix )

Web Web - Land Of The Arum Flower ( Like Remix )

Emilie Nana - I Missed The Boat ( Glenn Underground A Slave Disco Dance Remix )

Rainer Trueby & Corrado Bucci ( Truccy ) - Sidestep (kerem Akdag Remix)

Liquid Phonk - Starwalk

Tomasz Guiddo - Michael Reinboth Remix ) - Go Back ( With Nirosta Steel

Web Web - Maroc Blues ( Michel Cleis Remix )

Emilie Nana - I Rise ( Francois K Synthapella Intro Remix )

Beanfield - Tides ( Ripperton Remix )

Solomun - The Way Back

Eleanor - Adventure ( Gerd Janson Megamix )

Marsmobil - I Don't One Two ( Cow Remix )

Cow - Tee Mango Remix ) - Glitch ( Feat Alxndr London

Dj Yellow / Flowers & Sea Creatures - No One Gets Left Behind ( Konstantin Sibold Remix )

Marsmobil - Sometimes I Don't Regret ( Die Orangen Remix )

Truby Trio - Make A Move ( Spiller Remix )

Beanfield - Human Patterns ( Roman Flugel Alternative Remix )

Brother Of Soul - Ife Bobowa ( Ron Trent Remix )

Alif Tree - Forgotten Places ( Moodymann Remix )

Web Web - Sandia ( Beanfield Remix )

Rainer Trueby & Corrado Bucci ( Truccy ) - Sidestep (liquid Phonk Remix)

Zwicker - Marbert Rocel Remix ) - Who You Are ( Feat Heidi Happy

Lorenz Rhode - Back ( Purple Disco Machine Remix )

Web Web - Mr Raoul K Remix ) - Land Of The Arum Flower ( Feat Lady Parul

Rainer Trueby & Corrado Bucci ( Truccy ) - Suidestep (kai Alce Full Shuffle Remix)

Claudio Coccoluto - Doin' Our Best ( Exclusive )

Truby Trio - Universal Love ( Lawrence Remix )

Shahrokh Sound Of K - Boo Williams Chi Melodic Remix ) - Perfect Stranger ( Feat Robert Owens

Dj Yellow / Flowers & Sea Creatures - Deep Into Neon ( Mark E Deep House Feel Remix )

Tj Kong & Nuno Dos Santos - Wild Glitch Dub ) - Merging ( Feat Robert Owens

Move D - Hurt Me

Compost released 25 Compost Records on 15 May 2019. The 42 track vinyl features artists including Various Artists and remixes from artists including Zenker Brothers, Ron Trent, Boo Williams, Glenn Underground, Kai Alce, Delano Smith, Mark E.

Various Artists, Zenker Brothers, Ron Trent, Boo Williams, Glenn Underground, Kai Alce, Delano Smith, Mark E has released vinyl on One Step Back Ahead, Private, Mainakustik, Bordello A Parigi, Speedy Wunderground, unknown label, Death Row, Reel To Reel, Brightons Finest Presents, Walhalla, Fantastic Voyage, Bodyvolt, Disney, Brutaz, House Is The Cure, Nyege Nyege Tapes, Deepblak, Light Sounds Dark, Moonshine Recordings, Burning World.

The record label Compost has released vinyl by Laolu, Strome, Felix Laband, Ah! Kosmos, A Forest Mighty Black, Automat, Various, Shahrokh Dini, Adriano Prestel, Brexit Jazz, Web Web, Emilie Nana, Siren, Move D, Tomasz Guiddo, Cow, Christian Prommer, Pitchben, Rainer Truby.

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